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Government Contracting

Government Contracting Courses

Government contracting involves the production and delivery of goods and/or services under contract for the federal government, whether it be for profit or not. There are several different factors to consider in doing contract work for the federal government, including time, cost, ethics, accounting and auditing. The courses listed here will give you insight into each of these factors and more to help prepare you for working with the federal government to provide the goods and/or services it requests.

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* If a course has a certificate associated with it you will find that information in the course description.

Explore Government Contracting Courses

Coursework in the Government Contracting series can expand your current skill set so you can qualify to work effectively with the federal government and win contracts. Choose the programs below that are most beneficial to your position right now and take a look at others that may help you advance your career. 

Choose Your Level of Learning

George Mason offers many ways to learn new skill sets that enhance your current role and help you step into new career opportunities.

  • Individual courses focus on specific skills or industry knowledge and can vary widely in terms of contact hours. You can spend a week completing a course or more than a year.
  • Immersive courses typically take a minimum of 25 contact hours to complete but can take as many as 60. When you complete an immersive course, you'll receive a digital badge that verifies a set of skills you achieved for future employers.
  • Professional Certificates can vary widely in terms of contact hours. They can consist of a single course with a multitude of topics or include a series of courses. Some certificates also offer a digital badge to verify the specific industry skills learned. When you complete the Professional Certificate program, you'll receive the certificate that speaks to your new skillset.

Digital Badges (Optional)

Mason awards a digital badge for a select group of in-demand micro-credentials. A URL is attached to the badge that verifies your skill sets so you can easily display them to current and future employers. 

The following badges are available when you complete one of the Professional Certificates the badge is named for.

Corporate Training in Government Contracting

As Virginia's largest public research university, we keep our finger on the pulse of skills gaps across industries. Professionals with various titles across an organization need to know what to expect when managing government contracts so your business can win government contracts, manage them effectively, and stay compliant according to ever-changing government guidelines.

To get your organization up to speed with government contracts, we offer group training opportunities for your employees to develop the skills they need quickly.

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