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Digital Badges

What's a Digital Badge and How Is It Used?

Mason's Continuing and Professional Education is the provisioner of Digital Badges for George Mason University. Individuals and university staff should contact CPE at or (703) 993-2109 for additional information, or to have a Digital Badge developed.

Digital Badges are designed to give you easily portable proof of skills you've mastered. They are the digital footprint of a micro-credential you've earned. When you successfully complete a course that awards a badge, you'll gain access to this digital credential and the ability to display it. 

The badge is attached to a URL that provides a description of what the micro-credential is. It details what you've accomplished or completed in order to receive the badge, and easily details the specific skills it represents, so future employers never have to request transcripts or second guess what your resume states. When you earn this digital credential, you can attach it to your resume and LinkedIn page to easily outline your professional abilities.

Digital badges can help you track and organize a lifetime of learning. They're not for academic credit and do not require you to complete prerequisites or apply to the University.  When you're ready, you can simply enroll in a badge course and start learning new skills right away. Depending on the program and skills learned, you can earn a badge within weeks or months.

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If you have questions contact us at or by clicking on the request information button.

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Currently Available Digital Badges

The badge icons below are what you'll receive when you successfully complete the course they belong to. Click on them now to see what they'll tell future employers about your skills.