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CPE for Mason Schools, Colleges, and Departments

Continuing and Professional Education Support for Mason Schools, Colleges, and Departments

"Helping to Highlight all Mason's Education and Training Offerings!"

CPE and Our Support Offerings for Mason Units

The Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) office serves as the hub for Mason's Learning Initiatives Network, providing support for academic units in non-credit professional development courses, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), certificates, digital badges, and other forms of innovative learning. Support options for Mason schools, colleges, and departments include: 

  • Provisioning of both credit and non-credit courses through open enrollment or contracted training, and in a tailored (custom) course format
  • Multiple delivery methods: in Mason classrooms, client site, online, and hybrid
  • Marketing, fiscal and registration services, student technical and enrollment support, and logistical support for course location delivery needs 

As the provisioner of Digital Badges for George Mason University, Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) requests individuals and university staff contact the Director of CPE Operations, Sarah Hott, at or (703) 993-2109 for additional information, or to have a Digital Badge developed.

Digital Badges are for non-credit courses and are designed to provide easily portable proof of skills mastered. They are the digital footprint of a micro-credential earned. When a course is successfully completed, a Digital Badge is made available to the student if one is associated with the course. CPE provides Mason schools, colleges, and departments with the creation and provision of Digital Badges and is pleased to be able to provide this credentialing support.

Click this link to see the Digital Badge Authorization Form >>

Click this link to see information for digital badge pricing >>

We are here to support you! Additionally, CPE group training business specialists are available to work with you at or (703) 993-2109, or click on the request information button.

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