Alternative Dispute Resolution


ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is geared to all professionals who are focused on “interest-based bargaining.” Participants will review the growth and application of settlement options in the United States.  The course focuses on both traditional and non-traditional dispute resolution options.  Participants will learn negotiation skills and how to select the most cost-effective and least intrusive ADR method to achieve the most positive result for both parties.

+ Features

Course Outline
  • Lesson One: ADR: History, Origins, and Growth
  • Lesson Two: The Art Of Negotiation
  • Lesson Three: The Mediation Process
  • Lesson Four: Arbitration
  • Lesson Five: Other Forms Of ADR
  • Lesson Six: Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining

+ Requirements

For each lesson you will submit a 50-point short answer/essay assignment covering the topics in that lesson’s reading.

You will complete two exams. Each is worth 100 points. The Midterm exam is to be submitted with your Lesson Three Assignments; the Final exam is to be submitted with your Lesson Six Assignments.

You will also post your responses to six class participation assignments. These assignments are referred to as Bulletin Board Submissions and will be submitted by either selecting Bulletin Board Submission from within the lesson material, or by selecting ‘Forums’ under Activities on the Right Side Bar.

All lesson objectives, assignments, and tests can be found in the Lesson Materials.

Your grade will be based on your completion of six writing assignment assignments, two exams, and class participation/Bulletin Board Submissions. The exams and writing assignments can be accessed from within the lesson material, or by selecting ‘Assignments’ under Activities on the Right Side Bar. You will have the opportunity to engage in “class participation” by using the Bulletin Board tool to respond to the bulletin board assignments throughout the course. Also, participating in the bulletin board assignments will enhance your understanding of the reading material.

Your final grade will be figured as follows:
•    The six writing assignments are worth 50 points each and comprise 40% of your grade.
•    The two exams are worth 100 points and comprise 40% of your grade.
•    Your participation in class participation assignments comprises 20% of your grade.

+ Designed For

Business and HR professionals, Paralegals (especially those interested in immigration law) and mediators looking to add to their skill set.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mar 06, 2023 to Apr 21, 2023
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Course Fee non-credit $995.00
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Section Notes
Course Registration Deadline: March 3, 2023
Section Materials
  • (Mandatory) ADR in a Nutshell by Jacqueline M. Nolan-Haley West Publishing Co. 4 edition ISBN 978-0-314-28532-4
  • (Optional) Oran's Dictionary of the Law by Daniel Oran 4 edition ISBN 978-1-111-31915-1
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