Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


Negotiation and conflict resolution are integral parts of daily life and working with people. Project managers must possess the skills to navigate personnel issues before they affect performance, whether the problems are within the team or with clients, customers, and stakeholders. 

This course covers:

  • The foundations of negotiation strategy (including planning and framing);
  • How to recognize and prepare for the phases of a negotiation; and
  • How cultural differences are increasingly playing a role in the global economy

When working with people, inevitable conflicts will arise. Project managers and program managers are called upon to resolve conflicts not only within their teams but also with clients, customers, and other stakeholders. This course addresses constructive and destructive conflict, conflict resolution styles, and various approaches to conflict resolution.

+ Features

This course utilizes hands-on tutorials, an audiovisual case study, and lecture. Participants learn how to recognize the traits of effective negotiators and learn how to better improve their own negotiation and conflict resolution skills. A standard methodology for preparing for negotiation is presented. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Pitfalls of Negotiation as an Event 
  • Overview of Rational Negotiation Process 
  • Negotiating: Strategizing, Framing and Planning 
  • An Integrated Four-Step Process 
  • Distributed Negotiations 
  • Integrative Negotiations 
  • Perception, Cognition, and Communication 
  • Finding and Using Negotiation Leverage 
  • Ethics in Negotiation 
  • Global Negotiations 
  • Managing Difficult Negotiations 
  • Negotiation Mistakes 
  • Making Effective Arguments 
  • Conflict and Cohesion in Groups 
  • Functions and Dysfunctions of Conflict 
  • Approaches to Conflict Management

+ Requirements

100% attendance and participation are expected from participants. Participants should take PMP 0400 Essentials of Project Management before taking this course.

+ Notes

This two-day course is recommended for 14 PDUs.

+ Designed For

 Managers and mid-level professionals who are faced with increasing pressures to improve organizational performance should take this course. 
This course is also intended for individuals who are program directors or above and who have responsibility for improving the effectiveness of their organizations. Course participants should have project management experience and understand project management processes and techniques.

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