DCAA Audits - Preparation to Ease the Process


How certain are you that you know how to be prepared for an audit? Any contractor that does or aspires to do business with the US Government must be ready to demonstrate that they have satisfied all of their relevant contract requirements. Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) audits can occur in the normal course of business during a contract's lifecycle. Consequently, it is in your best interests to be prepared prior to the audit, work with the auditors during the course of the audit, and substantiate your compliance with contractual terms and conditions. In this new series, you will learn about the procedures, requirements, and best practices for preparation and support of various types of DCAA audits, so that you can be confident that you know how to be audit ready.

+ Features

Instructor: Bill Walter, DHG

Rotating cast from DCAA

Feb 10: Accounting and Billing System Considerations

  • Direct and indirect cost accumulation and distribution
  • Preparing adequate invoices and public vouchers
  • Preparing adequate incurred cost submissions
  • Control expectations
  • Common contractor pitfalls
Mar 10: Estimating Considerations
  • Forecasting and managing indirect rates
  • Supporting the basis for direct and indirect cost estimates
  • Preparing adequate forward pricing proposals and rate submissions
  • Estimating system internal control expectations
  • Common contractor pitfalls
Apr 14: Cost Allowability Considerations
  • Allowable and unallowable costs
  • Directly associated costs
  • Supporting cost allocability and reasonableness
  • Internal control expectations
  • Common contractor pitfalls
May 12: Direct Cost Considerations
  • Labor & timekeeping internal control expectations
  • Floor check audit risk assessment
  • Purchase existence and consumption audit expectations
  • Supporting allocability of other direct costs
  • Common contractor pitfalls
Jun 9: Subcontractor Cost Considerations
  • Contractor responsibility for subcontractors
  • Subcontractor accounting systems
  • Subcontract forward proposals and cost/price analysis
  • Subcontractor billing considerations
  • Subcontract incurred cost proposals
  • Internal control expectations
  • Common contractor pitfalls

+ Requirements

100% Attendance is required./div>

+ Learning Credits

This course may also be eligible for the following credits through The Public Contracting Institute:
  • 0.75 CEUs
  • 0.75 CLEs
  • 0.75 CLPs
  • 9 CPEs

If CLE credits are needed, the request along with the jurisdiction must be received before the start of the training.

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Government Contracting Professionals

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