Federal Grants Review


Each year the Government spends billions on grants and cooperative agreements – and each year, that number grows.  However, joining the states, universities and private entities that compete for these awards can be more challenging than it sounds.  The regulations surrounding grants are just as complicated as, but also distinct from, the regulations that surround procurement contracts.  Join us for a 6-day comprehensive overview of grants and grants regulations.  This deep dive into the grants world explores grants from both the grantor and recipient point of view, highlighting how grantors can better administer their funds, recipients can better run their programs, and how this environment is similar to and distinct from the world of traditional procurement contracts.  In this full review and update of the grants landscape.

+ Features

October 19: Scott Sheffler & Jason Matechak
History and Law of Grants           
  • “Federal Assistance.”  
  • The Background of Federal Assistance.
  • Current Events in Grants. 
  • Processes and Players in Federal Grants. 
  • Federal Funding Profiles. 
  • Transparency and External Oversight in Federal Grants.  
  • Federal Grants v. Federal Contracts.  
  • The Constitutional Issues of Grants.
  • The Fiscal Law of Grants. 
  • Agreement and Statutory Interpretation. 
  • The Legal Status of Grants. 
  • Government Liability for Grantees.
October 20: Brian Walsh and Scott Sheffler
Grant Award Process     
  • The Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act.  
  • The Statutory Authorities to Award Grants. 
  • Contract or Assistance Award.  
  • Grant or Cooperative Agreement.  
  • Types of Grants. 
  • Grant Regulations. 
  • Competition Requirements for Grants. 
  • The Funding Opportunity Notice.
  • Applying for Grants.  
  • Grant Writing Tips.
  • The Grant Budget.
  • Agency Evaluation for Eligibility and Merit. 
  • Agency Evaluation for Risk.  
  • Performance and Integrity Data Collection. 
  • The Grant Award. 
  • The Full Spectrum of the Grant Agreement. 
  • Rights of Non-Selected Applicants.  
October 21: BRG &  Jason Matechak
Grant Administration and Management                               
  • Internal Control.         
  • Subgrants.       
  • Standards of Financial Management.             
  • Payment Methods.     
  • Shared Resourcing.     
  • Program Income.        
  • Grantee Reporting.     
  • Property Management.          
  • Grant Contracting.      
  • Changes and Prior Approvals.             
October 26: Jason Matechak & BRG
Costs, Audits, Other Administrative Requirements                          
  • Cost Principles and Selected Items of Costs.  
  • Indirect Costs. 
  • Single Audits and IG/Agency Audits. 
  • Records Management.           
  • Closeout.         
October 27: BRG (Two people from BRG)
Penalties, Grant End, and Bringing Grants into the Real World              
  • Remedies for Grantee Noncompliance.  
  • Terminations and Extensions. 
  • Case Studies.
October 28: Brian Walsh & BRG
Disputes, Remedies, IP, Grant Fraud and Misconduct, Exclusion, etc.      
  • Disputes. 
  • FOIA. 
  • Intellectual Property.  
  • Grant Fraud and Misconduct. 
  • Government Responses to Grant Fraud.
  • Exclusion (Suspension and Debarment).

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100% attendance is required.
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Federal Grants Review: The Comprehensive Certificate Course for Agencies and Grantees
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