Enterprise Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric


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Blockchain is an emerging technology that is quickly evolving as leading enterprise tool across industries. Blockchain is expected to cause social, economic, political and institutional changes in part due to Bitcoins relative success.

With Blockchain, organizations have the ability to a better fraud defense while increasing transaction sppeds. Its benefits also include providing transactional visibility and transparency through it's digital ledger style format. 

With the explosieve growth of blockchain in the financial sector and it's expansion to other IT fronts, demand for skilled employees has grown rapidly. In its first-ever analysis of only software engineering jobs, job search site Hired found blockchain development skills ranked in the top three job openings in almost every global region and 517% incerase in demand for software engineers with a blockchain skillset. 

In this hands-on course, participants will learn critical blockchain skills including how to perform clean installations of Hyperledger Fabric, as well as develop simple applications on top of it. Prepare for your futrue career with blockchain technology and the well-rounded skill set to better prepare for roles in this field.


Introduction to Blockchain Technologies

  • Introduction to Blockchain
    • History of Block chain
    • What is Blockchain
    • Traditional technologies vs blockchain (Why Blockchain)
    • Aspects of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Framework
    • Multichain
    • Ethereum
    • Stella
    • Hyperledger
  • Introduction to Hyperledger Frameworks
    • Hyperledger Iroha
    • Hyperledger Indy
    • Hyperledger Composer
    • Hyperledger Sawtooth
    • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Deep dive into Hyperledger Fabric
    • Hyperledger Fabric-Installation
    • Requirement before installation
    • Hyperledger tools Installation on Linux
    • Hyperledger Composer
    • CTO Modelling language
  • Hyperledger Playground
    • animaltracking-network
    • Namespace
    • Resources
    • asset – a business network Asset
    • participant – a business network Participant
    • transaction – business logic
    • event – a notification of something interesting happening in the system
    • enumerated type – a set of named values
    • concept
    • primitive types
    • Arrays
    • Relationships
    • Field Validators
    • Decorators
    • Generating Rest Service

Designing a data and Transactional model with Golang

  • Chain Code Development
    • Compiling and running Chaincode
    • Installing and instantiating chaincode
    • Invoking chaincode
  • Creating a Chaincode
    • Chaincode interface
    • Setting Up the Chaincode file
  • Access Control
    • Registering a user
    • Enrolling a user
    • Retrieving user identities
  • Implementing Chaincode Functions
    • Defining Assets
    • Coding Functions
    • Creating an Asset
    • Reading and Modifying an Asset
    • Main Function
  • Testing Chaincode
    • Init method
    • Invoke Method
    • Running Tests
  • Chaincode Design Topics
    • Composite Keys
    • Range queries
    • State Queries and CouchDB
    • Indexes
    • Readset and Writeset
  • Start Building a complete application
    • Individual Sample/Homework

Business Network

  • Letter of Credit Sample
    • Installing the sample
    • Running the sample
  • Analyzing the process
    • The playground
    • The Business networks
  • Description of the business network
    • Participants descriptions
    • Assets descriptions
    • Transaction descriptions
    • Events descriptions
  • Model of the business network
    • Namespace
    • Enumerations
    • Asset definitions
    • Participant definitions
    • Concept definitions
    • Transaction definitions
    • Event definitions
  • Examining the live network
    • Letter of credit instance
    • Participant instance
    • Transaction instance
    • Submitting a new transaction to the network
    • Understanding how transactions are implemented
  • Creating the API
    • Swagger API definitions
    • Querying the network using swagger
    • Testing the network from the command line
    • Creating a new letter using swagger
    • Network cards and wallets
    • Access Control lists
  • Continue Building a complete application
    • Individual Samples/Homework

Agility in a Blockchain Network

  • Integration with existing systems
    • Design Considerations
    • Decentralization
    • Design patterns
    • Reliability, availability and serviceability
  • Devops
    • Smart contract considerations
    • Integration layer
    • Promotion process overview
    • Configuring the CI/CD process
    • Configuring GIT
    • End to end testing
  • Continue Building a complete application
    • Individual Samples/Homework

Summary and Presentations

  • Modifying or upgrading a Hyperledger fabric application
  • System monitoring and performance
  • Course Summary and project presentations.

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Offered through a cooperative relationship with TechAdvance IT Training Programs, courses are taught by instructors with substantial experience and expertise in leading IT fields. 


In this course, students will be exposed to both the background and hands-on training needed to learn the following blockchain skillsets:

  • Describe Business Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Perform clean installations of the Hyperledger Fabric framework
  • Explore a sample use case/application in the context of the Hyperledger Fabric frameworks
  • Build simple applications on top of Hyperledger Fabric

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Designed For

This training program is for participants who have a basic understanding of programming especially web and API development. The course examines blockchains for the enterprise and a number of Hyperledger use cases.

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