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Masters Academy in Government Contracting Certificate

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Fundamentals: Three-Day Complete Basics

The Fundamentals of Government Contracting course is a comprehensive, three-day overview and discussion of the federal government contracting process, including the procurement laws, regulations, and practical requirements applicable to it. For those who are new, relatively inexperienced, or require a supervisory understanding of government contracting, this course will provide an overview that will thoroughly familiarize the attendee with the federal contracting process, provide a strong foundation on which to build greater subject-matter expertise, and dispel common myths and misunderstandings. For those with some experience, the course will heighten knowledge, provide context, sharpen issue awareness, and improve the ability to operate successfully in this highly complex and competitive field. This “fundamentals” course is designed to be of benefit and interest to both government and contractor personnel, including contracting officers, contract and subcontract administrators, program and item managers, finance and accounting personnel, engineers, and attorneys (in-house, outside, government), among others.

Learning Objectives

Participants will gain a strong understanding of the fundamental aspects of key topical aspects of the government contracting arena. Areas include:

  • The Setting: Branches of Government, Regulations, Purchasing Offices, and the Procurement Process
  • Sealed Bidding
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Costs
  • Specifications: Purpose & Types
  • Inspections
  • Changes
  • Subcontracts
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Claims
  • Terminations for Default & Terminations for Convenience
  • Delays and Suspensions
  • Disputes
  • Appeals

The FAR Workshop: Practical Applications & More

This course is a fast-paced interactive seminar that examines the organization, content, policy and procedures of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) as it applies to Federal acquisition. Designed for new professionals in both government and industry, as well as those who want to build familiarity with, or update themselves on, the Federal Government’s regulatory system. The course includes a review of the topical divisions of the FAR, exercises to practice the participant in analyzing FAR-centered contracting issues, and group activities to reinforce the application of FAR principles.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the foundations, the organization, and principles of the FAR in order to locate, understand, interpret and use it in executing business transactions.
  • Analyze the “why” of the policies, processes and procedures set out in the FAR in order to better understand the latitude and constraints of executing a business transaction involving the expenditure of public funds.
  • Increase professional understanding of the acquisition system as well as build skills to train, mentor and coach others in usage of the FAR
  • Improve the participant’s ability to add value through their role in the acquisition process.


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