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George Mason University and digital badging provider Acclaim via Destiny One Solutions have partnered to provide our students the opportunity to earn and share digital badges. Our new digital badge program is designed to assist our students with validating and differentiating their skills, and providing tools to tell their professional story.


The term “Micro-Credential” is broad and therefore, vague. At its most basic level, a micro-credential is a representation made by universities, associations, and other organizations that verifies specific skills and/or competencies have been achieved. A “badge” or “digital badge” or “digital credential,” is a form of micro-credential that has a digital footprint and representation of a valid and verifiable completion of learning by a student. The digital credential helps learners display skills and competencies that transcripts fail to capture. At George Mason University, we are verifying the completion of micro-credentials by issuing digital badges to the earners of these credentials.


For the student, the key feature of a digital credential is that it has a unique URL that can be attached to their resume, LinkedIn or other career related posting. Badges are portable; therefore, learners will never need to request access to the credential like a transcript. When issued, a badge provides a description of what was accomplished or completed in order to receive the badge.

For an employer, the digital credential is much easier to understand than a university transcript or merely self-reported on a resume because the skills a learner possesses are clearly stated and verified.


For the faculty (and the university more broadly), the digital credential can represent important units of learning/professional development within a course that are not as easily conveyed with syllabi and transcripts. This kind of digital format provides clear articulation of the rigor associated with the conferral and will offer greater learner portability.


Digital badges are for everyone. George Mason University is a strong supporter of lifelong learning which helps students stay competitive and relevant by providing professional development opportunities to enhance your skills. Digital badges can help you track and organize a lifetime of learning. Currently our badges are not for academic credit, and do not require you to complete prerequisites or apply to the University. When you're ready, simply enroll in a badge course or series of courses and start learning new skills right away.


George Mason University's badging program currently issues badges for non-credit professional certificates offered through our Continuing and Professional Education unit. To view all badges currently being issued, please refer to the top of the page or visit our certificate page for additional information.


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