Digital credentials offered by Mason Continuing and Professional Education

A new way to indicate your accomplishments, skills, and knowledge

George Mason University and digital badging provider Acclaim via Destiny One Solutions have partnered to provide our students the opportunity to earn and share digital badges. Our new digital badge program is designed to assist our students with validating and differentiating their skills, and providing tools to tell their professional story.

A “badge” or “digital badge” or “digital credential,” is a form of micro-credential that has a digital footprint and representation of a valid and verifiable completion of learning by a student. The digital credential helps learners display skills and competencies that transcripts fail to capture. At George Mason University, we are verifying the completion of micro-credentials by issuing digital badges to the earners of these credentials.

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Technical & IT


Cloud Computing

Digital Technology Generalist

Data Analytics

Software Testing


AWS Cloud Solutions

Information Security

Network & Cloud Foundation

Web Design & Developer


Fundamentals of Project Management

Project Management Certificate

Business Process Management

Facility Management Professional (FMP)


Leadership Coaching for
Organizational Well-Being

Positive Leadership



Human Resources

Essentials of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


Government  Contracting

Government Contracting Master's Academy

Contracting with the Federal Government: Accounting

Contracting with the Federal Government: Administration




Advanced Paralegal

Special Topics in Paralegal


Faculty  Development

Online Course Development Fundamentals



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